Login web-method


Login web-method should be used for getting authentication session key. Authentication key is valid for 30 minutes and use sliding expiration. Having got authentication key it must be used in GetConfigurations, GetLanguages, ProcessText and ValidateAuthentication web-methods of API. Free users cannot be used for authentication in API (but can use it during trial period). Plug-in ID is used for relating authentication session with plug-in registered in LinguLab (optional parameter).

Web-method returns authentication key in case of combination of username and password is valid and user has required role rights. In case of error occurred web-method will return error code and error message.


userName string required
password string required
pluginId string optional


Error codes

  • 0: Succeed;
  • 101: Authentication failed;
  • 102: Authentication session has already opened. You cannot open new session till old is not expired;
  • 103: Too many login tries. Login tries limit was reached;
  • 104: Wrong Plug-in ID;
  • 105: Lack of permission. User cannot be used for API access;
  • 300: Internal error.

Request and response