GetResultAdv web-method


GetResultAdv web-method should be used for getting back edited text from LinguLab web site and updated result panel. Web-method requires analysis result key and valid authentication key.

Web-method returns TextAdvResult object with includes analysis result identifier, latest version of raw text, version number, language key, category key and all data of ProcessTextAdvResult object. In case of error occurred ErrorCode and ErrorMessage contain information about error.

User can go to LinguLab by link returned by ProcessTextAdv web-method and edit text:
LinguLab edit text
Having edited text user can click “Zeige Ergebnis” button at the bottom of the page:

Text was updated and stored. Optimize text till it has required measure result. Then GetResultAdv web-method can be used for getting the latest version of text.
Use "lingulabCustom" attribute for storing custom data (for data relation on client side). For example:
<h1 lingulabCustom="1b5b669a-dabe-4986-96d4-7ac8e458a5f3_0">
Headline text
<h3 lingulabCustom="1b5b669a-dabe-4986-96d4-7ac8e458a5f3_1">
Teaser text.<br /><br />
Some text.
<div lingulabCustom="1b5b669a-dabe-4986-96d4-7ac8e458a5f3_3">
Simple text
The "lingulabCustom" attribute contains id of text section and index of element separated by "_" in current example. Value of this attribute will be exist when text come back with GetResult web-method and can be used by client application.


analysisResultKey integer required
authenticationKey string required
versionNumber integer optional: 0 = latest version


Error codes

  • 0: Succeed;
  • 141: Authentication failed;
  • 142: Authentication key was expired;
  • 143: Lack of permission;
  • 240: Wrong parameter. Empty result key or authentication key;
  • 241: Wrong result key. Could not get results by provided result key;
  • 340: Internal error.

Request and response