GetKeywordItems web-method


GetKeywordItems web-method should be used for getting keyword items for highlighting. All keyword items will be returned if keyword parameter is empty.


authenticationKey string required
resultKey integer required
keyword string optional
versionNumber integer optional: 0 = latest version

Error codes

  • 0: Succeed;
  • 161: Authentication failed;
  • 162: Authentication key was expired;
  • 163: Lack of permission;
  • 260: Wrong parameter. Some fields in input data are missed, detailed information should be provided in error message;
  • 261: Wrong result key. Could not get results;
  • 262: Error of getting results;
  • 263: Wrong module key. Could not find module;
  • 265: Wrong Keyword string. Could not find keyword ;
  • 360: Internal error.

Request and response