LinguLab API Realese Notes

LinguLab Web Service release notes contains information about changes in API. This will help you to update your component and use latest API realese. Each API release changes are intended for text quality measure improvement and new functionality providing.

LinguLab API 2.0 - Change Log

LinguLab Api full integration functionality was added to Api methods. LignguLab Api provides functionality for result displaying, highlighting and text optimization directly in your application. New methods allow to integrate LinguLab analysis experience in remote application.

  • Added ProcessTextAdv, GetModuleItems, GetKeywordItems, AddToIgnore and GetHelp method;
  • Added GetResult and GetResultAdv methods for analysis result getting;
  • Added error codes;
  • Changed ProcessText method: added BackUrl parameter which allows to set back Url and title on Analysis result page of LinguLab website; CategoryId and LanguageKey properties are optional;
  • Changed Api HTML result panel.

LinguLab API 1.4 - Change Log

New analysis engine was introduced with LinguLab API 1.4. Analysis is more intelegent now. Language feature is new for this release.

  • Added GetLanguage method;
  • Added error codes;
  • Changed GetCategories method: added language key parameter;
  • Changed ProcessText method: added language key.