Main goal of this document to describe all steps and requirements to build API which allow third party project/components to iterate with LinguLab measure system. The main functionality of API is to provide authenticated access to LinguLab system to make measure of some block of text. As result authenticated web service client can get measure of interested to him text and link to the image to show result on his page. Live Web Service Model
LinguLab API available at https://api.lingulab.net/LiveService.asmx
API works through SOAP protocol and has WSDL scheme. To get scheme go to URL https://api.lingulab.net/LiveService.asmx?wsdl

Communication beween client and LinguLab API

Live Web Service Communication
Users should provide LinguLab account information to API client (L1) and client should use these credentials for access to web service (L2). Following described steps of using API:
  • Client call Login web-method (L2) with account data and get back authentication key. The key is valid till web service authentication session expired. Free users cannot be authenticated (but can use it during trial period). Login web-method returns authentication key or error code (see Login web-method error code list).
  • ValidateAuthentication web-method should be used for checking current authentication key. Method returns integer value which represents status of authentication key (see ValidateAuthentication web-method result code list).
  • GetLanguages web-method returns processing language list. Processing languages can be get for future using in GetConfigurations and ProcessText method.
  • Client can get processing configuration list for current user account by calling GetConfigurations web-method.
  • ProcessText or ProcessTextAdv web-method should be used for text processing and getting text measure result.
  • In case of LinguLab API full intergation the following methods can be used: GetModuleItems, GetKeywordItems , AddToIgnore, GetHelp and GetWcag.
  • Having processed text with web service user can go to LinguLab for text editing (L3). Client can get latest text version by calling GetResult or GetResultAdv web-method.